Other Excavations – An Urn Burial at Slaghtaverty

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30th March 2022
Other Excavations – Mountsandel, Lower Site
31st March 2022

Other Excavations – An Urn Burial at Slaghtaverty

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Andrew McLean May


Mountsandel Discovery and Heritage Group


31st March 2022

Urn Burial at Slaghtaverty, Parish of Errigal, County Londonderry

This was discovered at a depth of 3 feet by workmen widening a lane. Mr Joseph Mc Keever reported this to the local Royal Ulster Constabulary. He gathered the sherds that contained bone remains.

The find was 2 miles south west of Garvagh, 70 yards from the main road from Farrentemple to Brockaboy, on the left hand side of the lane which leads to the ruined cairn at Slaghtaverty. The cairn is believed to be the grave of Abhartach, a local dwarf.

Professor Walmsley opined that they were the incinerated remains of an adult female human with parts of skull, ribs, and limbs. The condition suggests late bronze-age.

The urn is tall and was felt to be late Bronze Age averaging 7/8 inches thick. The lip has triangular depressions and the reddish brown surface scored with coarse lines.


A McL May 1946 Ulster Journal of Archaeology Third Series, Vol 9 (1946) pp 104-105 (2pages) Published by Ulster Archaeological Society  https://www.jstor.org/stable/20566507


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