Trade Secrets

9th October 2018

Meet the Artists

Eimear Friers I live and work in Belfast. My education background is in Art History and Fine Art. I’m interested in contemporary art and visual culture, […]
8th October 2018

Arcadia, Portrush

Gail Mahon – The building has stood at Portrush’s East Strand since the 1920s when it was built by local business man R.A. Chalmers. Through the years […]
8th October 2018

Koko, Portrush

Gail Mahon – Koko café has a stunning vista right on the beach front at Portrush strand. This shimmering box reflects the beauty of its location, on […]
8th October 2018

Bob & Bert’s, Portrush

Gail Mahon – bob & bert’s are part of the fast growing café culture and are riding the crest of the wave of success across Northern Ireland’s […]
8th October 2018

Souvenir Shop, Portrush

Elaine Taylor – A celebration of past and present, the interior of this box represents the passing of time an the history of The Souvenir Shop, established […]
8th October 2018

Ramada Hotel, Portrush

Gail Mahon – The Portrush Atlantic Hotel stands on the site of the Northern Counties Hotel built in the 1870s, one of the first hotels in the […]
8th October 2018

The White House, Portrush

Gail Mahon – The White House is part of the distinctive ‘picture postcard’ memories associated with a visit to Portrush for a holiday or day trip. This […]
8th October 2018

Portrush’s trade Secrets

The following Portrush businesses participated in the project. Click on any of their names to explore their stories. Business What’s there now What it used to […]
8th October 2018

Portstewart Library

Avril McCabe – The design for this box is inspired by the magic of reading. When you open a book, you open a new world. Books have […]
8th October 2018

The Box, Portstewart

Avril McCabe – Big Telly Theatre Company utilises a space which was previously used as a bank, pharmacy and private home. The box appears initially as a […]
8th October 2018

Bob & Bert’s, Portstewart

Laura Nelson – The site where bob & bert’s now stands was once a Newsagents and Fancy good shop owned by the McIntyre’s. With this piece I […]
8th October 2018

Flowerfield, Portstewart

Avril McCabe – While Flowerfield Arts Centre has an exciting new look, this box has also taken into account the elegance of the Victorian house, which was […]