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Unearthing Graveyard History at Walworth Cemetery

 Join archaeologist, Prof Audrey Horning, as she explores the remains of St Peter’s Church (also known as Walworth Old Church or the Garrison Church), with […]

1613 -2013: Legacy of Plantation Project Intro

The Project of Plantation Initially titled 1613-2013 as part of Cultural Fusions Phase I, the scope of the historic sites in our landscape with their different […]

1613-2013: Commemorating Plantation First phase

1613-2013: Commemorating Plantation The 400th anniversary of Plantation has already provoked considerable debate and discussion. How should we commemorate this divisive and contentious period of our history? The Causeway Museum […]

1613-2013: The Plantation of Ulster First phase

The Plantation of Ulster Following the Flight of the Earls in 1607, the lands held by the rebellious Gaelic chieftains in Ulster had been confiscated. King James I of England decided that in […]

1613-2013: The Legacy of Plantation First phase

The 17th Century Plantation of Ulster has shaped our ideas of heritage and identity to the present day. The legacy of bitter division between Protestant and Catholic, British and Irish, continues […]