1613-2013: The Legacy of Plantation First phase

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3rd January 2019
1613-2013: The Plantation of Ulster First phase
4th January 2019

1613-2013: The Legacy of Plantation First phase

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1613-2013 Plantation


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3rd January 2019

The 17th Century Plantation of Ulster has shaped our ideas of heritage and identity to the present day. The legacy of bitter division between Protestant and Catholic, British and Irish, continues to dominate our social and political life. But a closer look at the archaeological evidence at key local sites reveals a more complex story that challenges many long held interpretations of the period.

In June 2010 as part of the Peace III Cultural Connections Programme, three local community groups explored the legacy of Plantation across the Causeway area. They also had the unique opportunity to take part in excavations at Dunluce Castle, which have revealed for the first time evidence of the ‘unofficial’ Plantation in Co. Antrim.

This archive shares what the participants learnt during the project. We hope it challenges some of your own ideas and inspires you to find out more.

Peace III Cultural Connections Programme

This archive is currently being developed. More will follow very soon.