Dear Diary… week ending 24th April

Dear Diary… week ending 17th April
20th April 2020
Dear Diary… week ending 1st May
4th May 2020

Dear Diary… week ending 24th April

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27th April 2020

Week Five of social distancing has now come and gone; another seven days of lock-down, and extraordinarily good weather. The Dear Diary project continues to gather material for future generations with more, and more varied, material being submitted. We are steadily uploading submitted content into the ARCHIVE, so do click through to have a look.



Chris Roberts has continued his daily video log capturing his experiences in Aghadowey during lock-down. You can see all of his videos to date in the ARCHIVE.





An uncontroversial flag? courtesy Joanne Honeyford







Councillor Leanne Peacock has started an occasional diary for the project, sending in her reflections from Rasharkin. If you click on either of the extracts below, you’ll be taken to the full entries which are now stored in the ARCHIVE.

Monday 20th April
Dear Diary,
        This is one of the most extraordinary times that we have lived through and as someone who has studied history I am acutely aware of the need to document and remember the unique experiences we are all living through.
        I am not sure how many weeks of lockdown we are in but I suspect this is perhaps the 4th week of working from home and doing everything from home. It is very strange being an elected rep in these times with no council meetings to attend and doing all work via telephone and email …


Wednesday 22nd April
Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored- the most apt TikTok of our time. A bit of cabin fever setting in with everyone today.
        Today is a quiet one. Phone is quiet, daddy is painting the patio furniture and the rest are just chilling browsing online shopping sites and enjoying the sun. This must be one of the best April’s I can remember- we have not had rain in a long times, maybe a couple of weeks! Cathan had me out playing in his sand but a spider crawled up my leg and has made me itch and worry about it since! …




New ways of working



Intrepid adventurers have just returned from the Museum Services HQ with photos showing how quickly nature returns after people have left. One of them reports having been bitten in the night…


If you’d like to contribute to the Dear Diary project, you can find more details HERE.