Dear Diary… week ending 1st May

Dear Diary… week ending 24th April
27th April 2020
Dear Diary… week ending 8th May
11th May 2020

Dear Diary… week ending 1st May

Lockdown, courtesy Lauren McGee

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CCGBC Museum Services


4th May 2020

We have now spent six weeks in lockdown, with social distancing the new normal. Although it was a quieter week than we have had before, the Dear Diary project continues to gather material for future generations. We continue to upload submitted content into the ARCHIVE, so do click through to have a look.









We continue to monitor developments in Museuem Services HQ closely, with reports that nature is very much in the ascendancy six weeks after people.


If you’d like to contribute to the Dear Diary project, you can find more details HERE.