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Peter Molloy

Bottling Stout “My Granny had the Diamond Bar […] the story I remember from an early age, was so called helping my uncle Micky to bottle […]

Tom Walsh

Dempsey the Vet and Casement “Pearce Dempsey the vet, he was another that I knew very well. He died rather tragically, he died, he ehm, he […]

Paddy Campbell

My Father’s Charms “Me father had two charms, ahm, in those days ringworm would’ve been prevalent […] a disease […] supposedly took off farm animals […] […]

Peter Dickson

Living in Ballycastle “Ballycastle’s a great social town, there’s always something happening every weekend, it has all the facilities that you need, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, […]

Micky Dallat

Ballycastle Childhood Memories “Ahm, in the evenings I suppose I played hurling quite a bit. The winter time, well there was a youth club, Mr Hegarty, […]

Eoin Donnelly

Growing up in Ann Street “My father took over the shop in 1960. I was born in 1967 […] my earliest memories would be way back […]

Maura O’Loan

Because it’s on the Edge of the Shore? “I worked in Ballycastle quite a bit, and I always enjoyed coming to work [here]. It’s a nice […]

Mick ‘Putty’ McAuley

Stooking Corn in the Dark “There were one night a gang of us were out running around, and there were a field of corn that Danny […]

Mary Dallat

Summer Time Fun “I went to the Primary School in Ballycastle, St Bridget’s Primary School until P3 and then after P3 we amalgamated with the boys […]

Mary Scott

Babbydash Shops “We also would create what we called babbydash shops. Now don’t ask me where the babbydash bit comes from. But we would gather up […]