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King of Ballycastle – a virtual catch-up

A new exhibit for Ballycastle Museum was to be opened in April 2020 – The Devils of Ballycastle – part of the King of Ballycastle project […]

The enigmatic Lady of Ballycastle

There are a number of things we can we say about the ‘Lady of Ballycastle’. For starters, there were probably two ladies originally – one on […]

King of Ballycastle – scanning, photogrametry and 3D printing

Midway through our four days of laser scanning, photogrametry and learning about 3D printing, we’ve had some great interest from the local community and made a […]

Who do you think you are? DNA, identity and culture in Rathlin and the Glens.

Who do you think you are? is a new multi-year partnership between CCGBC Museum Services, CCGBC Good Relations, Carey Historical Society, Glens of Antrim Historical Society, […]

King of Ballycastle – scanning and reminiscence dates

We’re very excited that it is nearly time to start the process of laser scanning and photogrammetry which will allow us to reconstruct the statue group […]

The King of Ballycastle project

The King of Ballycastle project is led by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Museum Services and funded by the National Lottery’s Heritage Fund. It will […]

Peter Molloy

Bottling Stout “My Granny had the Diamond Bar […] the story I remember from an early age, was so called helping my uncle Micky to bottle […]

Tom Walsh

Dempsey the Vet and Casement “Pearce Dempsey the vet, he was another that I knew very well. He died rather tragically, he died, he ehm, he […]

Paddy Campbell

My Father’s Charms “Me father had two charms, ahm, in those days ringworm would’ve been prevalent […] a disease […] supposedly took off farm animals […] […]

Peter Dickson

Living in Ballycastle “Ballycastle’s a great social town, there’s always something happening every weekend, it has all the facilities that you need, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, […]