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15th March 2019
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15th March 2019

Faces of Ballycastle Introduction

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15th March 2019

This site is a collection of the highlights of Faces of Ballycastle Project which took place in 2009. It shows the results of the workshops leading up to the exhibition which took place in the Ferry Terminal.

Fairhead Phiotography Club worked with Moyle District and Causeway Museum Service with lottery funding from Awards For All. Participants undertook skills workshops in photography with Douglas James and in oral history collections and recording with John Hamilton. They sought nominations for subjects to interview and carried out the photography and story recording.

Foreword: a few words from us

We in the project team are all volunteers who have an interest in Ballycastle’s rich heritage. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the process of recording the interviews and taking the photographs for the Ballycastle Faces Exhibition, putting into practice the skills we learnt in the workshops co-ordinated by Causeway Museum Service. We are very grateful to our funders Awards for All and Moyle District Council for providing the funding to enable this project.

In the exhibition you will see and hear a wide cross section of Ballycastle’s community. The people in the exhibition were chosen by us. Some of them have lived in Ballycastle all their lives while others have returned after years away. Some of our interviewees are not Ballycastle people at all, but we think they have made a significant contribution to our lives here and so they have earned their place.

Many of the interviews have given us an insight into life in Ballycastle fifty or sixty years ago. Some of the stories were so absorbing that we often forgot about the voice recorder and just sat back and enjoyed a good yarn.

We would like to continue this project, collection stories and portraits for an archive to be held at Ballycastle Museum. So if you would like to take part either as a volunteer or a subject, please let us know and you can make a valuable contribution towards continuing to record our rich heritage to be shared by future generation of Ballycastle people.