11. Glentaisie

10. The Giant’s Sconce
6th March 2023
12. Gortnamoyagh Inauguration Stone
7th March 2023

11. Glentaisie

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7th March 2023

Glentaisie, the northernmost of the nine Glens of Antrim, is named after the legendary figure of Princess Taisie, who was gifted the lands and the Dun of Taisie at Broomore as a wedding gift from her father, King Dorm/Donn of Rathlin.

During her wedding celebrations to Conghal, heir to the kingdom of Ireland, King Nabgodon of Norway arrived to claim her for his bride.

Having heard reports of the beauty of Taisie he was eager to make her his queen. In the great battle which ensued King Nabgodon was killed.


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