12. Gortnamoyagh Inauguration Stone

11. Glentaisie
7th March 2023
13. King of Ballycastle
7th March 2023

12. Gortnamoyagh Inauguration Stone

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7th March 2023

Located in Gortnamoyagh Forest, it is said that this stone was used in the medieval period for the inauguration and crowning of local chieftains.

There are well worn indentations where the chieftain’s feet and the heel of his spear would have been placed during the ceremony. The site has also been referred to as St Onan’s Rock, the Giant’s Track, Shane’s Leap and St Adamnan’s Footprints.

One of the local stories about the rock said that a giant leaped from the rock to the old church at Errigal, a distance of some 800 metres.


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