King of Ballycastle – scanning, photogrametry and 3D printing

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5th November 2019
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8th January 2020

King of Ballycastle – scanning, photogrametry and 3D printing

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King of Ballycastle


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22nd November 2019

Midway through our four days of laser scanning, photogrametry and learning about 3D printing, we’ve had some great interest from the local community and made a few new discoveries along the way.

Most of the statue fragments have now been scanned and John Meneely from Queen’s University Belfast has been steadily stitching the scans together into 3D models. We have played around a little with photogrametry on fragment 4 – the lady’s head, and even had a go printing out a a little copy.


We even got a chance to look through the vestry records of the COI parish of Ramoan, meeting an old friend, Maj. Gen. Boyd – who supposedly brought the statues to Ballycastle – along the way.


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