Kathleen Dallat

Kevin Donnelly
15th March 2019
Martha Thomson
15th March 2019

Kathleen Dallat


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Faces of Ballycastle


Ballycastle Museum


15th March 2019

University in Queen’s

“One of the nuns put me in for a scholarship for Antrim, County Antrim. And I won it, and that’s how I got to Queen’s, yeah […] Well in Queen’s, […] there weren’t many women, and few Catholics as well. 1928 I went to Queen’s… We went to Claremont Street, somebody advised us, 3 Claremont Street, and I stayed in that from then til it was over […] Well History is my main, but English and French as well… There were dances, I went to some of them, yeah, I did.”

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