Christopher McCaughan

Amando Bertuccelli
15th March 2019
Claire McAfee
15th March 2019

Christopher McCaughan


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15th March 2019

Swimming All Year Round

“Ronnie and I were a pair of lads that run ‘round. We went swimming in Ballintoy, we went swimming in Ballycastle and we enjoyed life. I swam all year round. Mr German, at the high school, would say, ‘McCaughan, where were you on Wednesday?’ I’d say, ’I had a sore leg Sir’, ‘What happened your leg?’,  ‘I fell off the Pier Sir’,  ‘What were you doing on the Pier?’, ‘I was diving’, ‘McCaughan, its November, you shouldn’t have been near the Pier, you’re a silly boy, go on to your class’.”

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