Our Lives Project

Coleraine Battery Collection
14th March 2019
Sam Henry Collection Introduction
14th March 2019

Our Lives Project

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1939-1945: Our Lives


Coleraine Museum


14th March 2019

Our Lives is a thought provoking exhibition by Causeway Museum Service in partnership with Derry Heritage and Museum Service that records memories from local people about what life was like in our region from the late 1930s to the1950s.

When the Second World War ended people looked forward to a much better standard of life and a future where anything was possible. The exhibition looks at how every day things changed like fashion, the roles of women and children, housing, transport, emigration, agriculture, and the social revolution in youth culture and entertainment.

Complementing the exhibition is a publication of the same name that provides a wide range of material for schools and community groups to explore the legacy of WW2. The booklet contains a huge variety of oral history excerpts, photographs and documents from the museums’ collections, children’s activity sheets and a copy of the WW2 Memories In Their Own Words DVD.

This website includes just a small selection of the photographs, documents and oral history collected through the project.

Funding for Our Lives, The Legacy of the Second World War was secured from the Big Lottery ‘Their Past Your Future’ programme administered by the Northern Ireland Museums Council.

In 2006, Causeway Museum Service in partnership with Derry Heritage and museum Service published ‘Our Lives – The Second World War and its legacy in the Northwest and Causeway Regions. The publication is made up of oral history excerpts and images and archives from the museums collections.  Activity Sheets and the DVD – WW2 memories in their own words is also contained in the pack giving our audiences a wide range of material with which to investigate how WW2 affected our areas and the legacy that it left.

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