‘Echoes of the Causeway’ – Murrough and the Paiste

‘Echoes of the Causeway’ – The Time Beneath
28th May 2020
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15th June 2020

‘Echoes of the Causeway’ – Murrough and the Paiste

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Echoes of the Causeway


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28th May 2020

One of the eight sites on the Echoes of the Causeway heritage trail app, this story is set at Lig na Paiste, Banagher Glen.

Bordered by ancient oak woodland wise in years, the rushing waters of Banagher Glen hide Lig na Paiste, the lair of Ireland’s last serpent. 


Murrough and the Paiste

Written by Jane Talbot

A savage serpent with a fearsome reputation is terrorising the Glen. Can holy man, Murrough, protect his parishioners?


You can out more about this project at www.niarchive.org/echoes.

The Echoes of the Causeway project was part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Department of Communities, Tourism NI and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.