Dear Diary… week ending 3rd April

Dear Diary… Recording Life in the Age of Covid-19
6th April 2020
The ‘Echoes of the Causeway’ Heritage Trail App
9th April 2020

Dear Diary… week ending 3rd April

Tesco with hazard tape, courtesy Joanne Honeyford

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6th April 2020

As the second week of formalised social distancing (and home schooling!) comes to an end, here are a few unusual sightings from around Coleraine to start off the archive:

For anyone interested in the more theoretical impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on collecting and collections, below is a statement issued by the Irish Museum Association on the 3rd April:

Covid-19_ the ethics of contemportary collecting _ Museums Association


Finally, we are reliably informed by yer man in Ballymoney that, two weeks after people, this is the current state of Museum Services HQ…


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