Accessible Heritage willow weaving workshops

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13th February 2020
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19th March 2020

Accessible Heritage willow weaving workshops

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21st February 2020

As well as their Accessible Heritage Guide, and pottery workshops, the RNIB Accessible Heritage Group have been looking at traditional basketry techniques with Sabine Wolniczak. Over three weeks each member of the group worked towards a completed donkey creel base on examples similar to those pictured in the Sam Henry Collection above.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

There was no hiding the fact that there was a steep learning curve involved in this project, and many of us (fully sighted and visually impaired alike) faced some challenges. However, Sabine proved that she is not only a skilled willow artist, but also an experienced tutor who gave her expert advice generously to the group. Over the three weeks, our participants’ skills developed and the end results speak for themselves!