2. Bruce’s Cave

1. Ballywillan Old Churchyard
6th March 2023
3. Coleraine
6th March 2023

2. Bruce’s Cave

2. Bruce's Cave

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6th March 2023

There are two sites on Rathlin Island said to be connected with Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland – Bruce’s Cave and Bruce’s Castle. Bruce and his men, having fled Scotland in the autumn of 1306 after a series of defeats, took refuge on Rathlin Island.

Some versions of the story say they stayed in a cave and others say the castle. It was in the cave there that he supposedly encountered the spider, whose determination to rebuild its web encouraged him to return to his homeland to fight for the Scottish crown and independence.



Bruce’s Cave is located in the cliffs near the East Lighthouse and Altacarry Head on Rathlin Island. The cave can be best viewed from the sea.

Please Note: The cave is on private property and is not accessible to the public.

Co-ordinates: 55.3005, -6.1722 (nearest public access)


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