16. Mountsandel

15. Lurigethan
7th March 2023
17. Robert Quigg VC Memorial
7th March 2023

16. Mountsandel

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7th March 2023

Mountsandel, on the east bank of the River Bann, today enjoys the claim to being the site of the earliest known settlement in Ireland. However, the site was one of the chief residences of ancient Ulster and often featured in the stories of long-ago heroes.

Mountsandel may be a corruption of Kilsanctum, a church built by Sir John de Courcey in 1197. Some sources say that Mountsandel, Dundha Bhean, also called Rathmore Magh Elinue, built by Conarie Riada at the end of the first century was an ancient palace of the kings of Dalriada.


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