PEACEIII Cultural Fusions finale event

PEACEIII Cultural Fusions 2011- 2013 Intro
4th January 2019
1613 -2013: Legacy of Plantation Project Intro
4th January 2019

PEACEIII Cultural Fusions finale event

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4th January 2019

Finale Event – 26 September 2013

To celebrate the end of our Cultural Fusions programme we had a wonderful day cruising along the River Bann on the Maid of Antrim.
We set sail from Camus Jetty and travelled up stream to Portglenone.
Along with the glorious scenery, we sailed by many sites of historical and archaeological interest, all narrated by our on-board archaeologist, Nick Brannon.
During the 4 hour trip we also had live music and storytelling from Willie Drennan and Martin O’Donohoe who really brought the atmosphere alive.

This finale was an exciting and unique opportunity to say thank you to all who contributed to the project.
Without the support, enthusiasm and encouragement of our participants, it would not have been possible.


Excellent Experience

River trip was most educational

Boat trip very informative, well organised and enjoyable venue and day

The subject of travelling down The Bann was a unique opportunity which I couldn’t miss