Coleraine 400 Project Introduction

Victorian Coleraine Project
13th March 2019
Coleraine 400 Festival
13th March 2019

Coleraine 400 Project Introduction

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1613-2013 Coleraine 400


Coleraine Museum


13th March 2019

In 1613 Coleraine received its town charter from King James l. The Charter gave Coleraine the right to hold markets,
to trade, to send elected representatives to Parliament and provided the structure of local civil governance that we know
today as Coleraine Borough Council. The gridded town plan, which remains largely the same today, was established in 1611.
Most of the material evidence from this period is buried beneath our feet – explore our collections to find out more.

This turbulent period of history is, at times, misuderstood. Throughout 2013 Coleraine Museum and Causeway
Museum Service will be holding events, tours, a schools programme and an exhibition which will challenge perceptions.

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