Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Services

Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Services

The NI Community Heritage Archive is maintained by Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Services as part of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Communities and Culture department. As well as this website, we manage five museum collections across the borough, in Ballycastle, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Green Lane (Roe Valley Country Park) and Limavady. We use these collections to help our residents and visitors engage with the borough’s past, from prehistory to more recent times, as well as explore our many connections to the wider world. We engage with community groups across the borough to help develop heritage projects ranging from events and tours to exhibitions, small publications and books.

The heart of our service

At its heart, the Museum Service aims to

Preserve our public memory

Caring for our extraordinary important collections that have been donated by local people or acquired through public funds. Managing our museums with their collections in accordance with UK Standard for Museums – accreditation.

Tell our stories’

Helping tourists and local people understand the rich and complex culture and heritage of the Causeway area. Working with community groups including Section 75, across the Borough to share our local heritage and culture. Delivering programmes of temporary exhibitions, workshops and community outreach for local people, schools and visitors.

Reveal our famous sons and daughters

Inspiring young people and others through the people from here that have achieved great things.

Raise funds to support collections, resources and programming

Securing support from external funders including National Lottery Heritage Fund, PEACE III, PEACE IV, the Art Fund, Northern Ireland Museums Council, The Executive Office’s District Councils Good Relations Programme, Department of Finance and Personnel, Ministerial Advisory Group for Ulster Scots, Esmée Fairburn Collections Fund, The Royal Society, NITB Tourism Innovation Fund and others.

Develop resources

Providing heritage trails, learning materials, handling boxes and websites for schools, communities and tourists to use.