5th April 2022

Lower Bann Voices Oral History Interview with Nigel Flynn (Audio) – Local History, Pubs and Storytelling – Recorded March 2022

  This interview was recorded on the 16th of March 2022. The interviewer was Michael McConway, Heritage Project Assistant at TIDAL Toome, and the interview was […]
31st March 2022

Memories of Duneane from the TIDAL Toome Archive – Bessie Quinn

Recorded in 1994 at a social history meeting at Toome Primary School, this interview offers an insight into the drinking habits, courtship rituals and storytelling culture […]
16th March 2022

Memories of Shopping and Commerce from the TIDAL Toome archive – Liddy’s Shop

Rural shops were often adjoined to family homes in the Toomebridge area, with each populated by memorable characters. This photograph of Liddy’s shop in Cargin was […]
14th March 2022

Dansette Record Player

1960s red and cream Dansette record player. Long Playing records or LPs were played at 33RPM, whilst the smaller single, with just one song on each […]
14th March 2022

Collection of Irish Showband Vinyls

This record collection belonged to a middle aged lady with one child, who had broad tastes in Irish Showbands and easy listening music. She lived in […]
14th March 2022

Oral Testimony of Norman Porter – Railway Days at Toome – Memories of Duneane

TIDAL Toome (Toome Industrial Development, Amenities and Leisure) was established by a group of community stakeholders in 1994 to provide community services for the village of […]
14th March 2022

POW Aircraft Technician Mitts

These leather aircraft technician mitts belonged to a German prisoner of war (POW) who worked on farms along the Lough Neagh shore during the busy harvest […]
14th March 2022

Carlane School Class Photograph with Master John Murphy (1932)

Pictured with the Upper Class of Carlane School in 1932 is Master John Murphy, who served as the Principal from 1925 until 1948. Born in Pomeroy […]
14th March 2022

Carlane School National Schools Register (1900)

The opening of Carlane School, with a separate “Boys End” and “Girls End”, on Monday 9th July 1900, is recorded on the first page of the […]
14th March 2022

Toome Easter Festival Programme 1971 – Lower Bann Voices

Easter is a time of community celebration for Toome, but for several years our fair has been impacted by the global pandemic. The unearthing of this […]
14th March 2022

Oral History Testimony Frank Dale – South Antrim Living Memories Project – TIDAL Toome

Between 2013 and 2015, TIDAL Toome participated in an oral history project with the Doagh Ancestry Group and Whitehead Community Centre called the Three Villages Living […]