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 What is an Archive?
Community archives are collections of stories, photographs, documents, audio recordings and film that have been captured by a community as a record of their cultural heritage and identity.

There are a large number and wide range of groups involved in community archive activities. Community archives may be based in community centres, historical societies, schools, libraries, museums and public archives

      The archive may be based on common geography or interests or specific subjects or themes. The material is generated and managed by the community, who has full ownership of the archive, though it may be developed in partnership with a public body.

Many museums and archives recognise the value of this material held within the community in terms of broadening our understanding of our cultural heritage, promoting understanding and respect between diverse communities and fostering active participation in civic life. Increasingly, community archives are being made accessible to wider audiences through digital technologies.

Through the latest technology, this website enables communities to upload photographs, memories, audio recordings and film footage to a cross-searchable database, and then to create online exhibitions drawing together a story from material within the database.

The community archives are supported by a network of local museums and archives, which provide training in all areas of collecting and interpreting heritage and publishing material on the internet.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us by email. 

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