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 Cultural Fusions

North East PEACE III
Cultural Fusions 2011-2013
Our Heritage: Exploration, Participation & Shared Perspectives

Cultural Fusions 2011-2013 has been a vibrant heritage led programme developed and delivered by Causeway Museum Service and Mid-Antrim Museums Service for the North East PEACE III Partnership.  It has gained local, regional and international profiles for North East PEACE III work through case study presentations, workshops, seminars and online access to a wide range of interests.  

The value of using museum services with their skills and their collections to re-engage dialogue around cultural identity and to help address sectarianism and racial prejudice has been evidenced through high levels of engagement, co-creation and participation of PEACE III target groups.  

The methods used to actively involve participants in the development of the programme and their resources have been key to delivering the aims of the Cultural Fusions.  Through the professional skills of the museum staff and the specialist facilitators, participants have contributed and articulated their perspectives and understandings for wider audiences.

Through community participation and collaboration the museum services have developed substantial, valuable and sustainable resources and relationships for PEACE work in the future.

This archive has been designed to assist in research with on-line collections and free downloadable learning resources.

To find out more about the Cultural Fusions Programme please contact:

John Hamilton
Causeway Museum Service
Tel: 028 7034 7234
Maria Cagney
Mid Antrim Museums Service
Tel: 028 2563 5926





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