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The 6 projects delivered over the period 2001-2013

  Images of Ireland 1867- 1916  
Phase II
Role of arts in the exploration of Nationalist and
Unionist cultural Identity
  On the Brink 1912- 1913    
Exploring the Home Rule Crisis and protest
movements of the period, such as gender politics 
and labour relations, and how these were impacted
by division and sectarianism  
  Walking the Colours 
Exploring the traditions around banners and parading
in communities across the project area
  1613 - 2013: The Legacy of the Plantation  
Exploring the legacy of the official & unofficial Plantation
across the project area 
  My Treasure 
Exploring, through cherished objects and stories, the values,
cultural traditions and heritage of our local communities,
including ethnic minorities
  Remembering the Troubles    
Exploring and recording local community memories of
the Troubles





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