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 My Treasure

My Treasure

My Treasure had been originally planned as part of a programme whilst the State Archaeological Museum, Warsaw exhibition was here.  However its delivery to Northern Ireland was postponed, resulting in a revised methodology to delivery My Treasure.  PEACE III target groups were enlisted through taster events to be involved in telling their story about an item of personal treasure. 
Each participant had to be willing to tell their story and have their photograph taken with their object. 
Participants then documented their stories and, along with their object and their photographs, created the content for My Treasure with the museum service.  However, the project is designed to allow the panels with the stories to be used in single events or workshops in a range of community venues. 
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Project aims

To use storytelling sessions to bring participants from indigenous and ethnic minority communities together to share treasured objects revealing their cultural background, identity and beliefs

To use the process of sharing objects and stories as a means to build better awareness of and understanding between the different cultures existing locally

To use the My Treasure exhibition project as a platform to share participant stories with the wider community and in doing so, challenging racial or negative attitudes towards certain communities

To use the My Treasure touring exhibition as a focus for further sharing of My Treasure stories between local audiences of different cultural of religious backgrounds

  Project Results

A programme of storytelling taster sessions engaging groups in the project

A programme of My Treasure story documentation sessions developing exhibition content with participants

Delivery of the My Treasure touring exhibition with launches in Ballymena and Coleraine

In conjunction with the exhibition, delivery of storytelling sessions with community groups in museum venues

Delivery of an interpretative exhibition which can easily be displayed in community venues ensuring its legacy as a relevant learning resource in the future


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