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Learning Resources
Cultural Fusions has produced learning resources to support learning on the themes engaged in each of the projects.  These resources include publications, workshop materials and dvd data bases.  They are free to download.  Just click on the links or the picture to access.

  The Project of Plantation - People and Places.
A publication exploring the important and contentious changes that occurred in North East Ulster in the early 17th-century through the characters of the time and the places where they lived and worked. 
"The Project of Plantation" - People and Places Publication click here
  Explore the Plantation Landscape Map.
A map of the North East area indicating sites of archaeological interest connected with the 17th century. Includes Grid references and access information.
Explore the Landscape Map click here
  The Project of Plantation Exhibition Panels.
Main panels click here
(Note click View to rotate image clockwise),
Causeway additional panels
Mid-Antrim Museum additional panels
  Walking the Colours
A publication exploring parading traditions from ancient orders to the wide range or organisations parading today. 
Click here

  A Banner for the Future
A template designed to allow workshop participants to decide on images and slogans which might decorate a banner for a new future.
Click here
  Walking the Colours exhibition panels
Introductory panel with timeline click here
Ancient Orders, Friendly societies and Protest Groups click here
Loyal Orders click here
Catholic Organisations click here
Civic, Military and Cultural Organisations click here
  Knights of Malta Time Line
A time line tracing the organisations linked to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta from the 11th century to the present.
Click here
  Images of Ireland exhibition panels
Introductory panel click here
Imagining Ireland 1 click here
Imagining Ireland 2 click here
Revealing Ireland 1 click here
Revealing Ireland 2 click here
Perceiving Ireland click here
  Emblems of Ireland
A publication examining the emblems familiar to all of us, exploring their origins and history, including the Red Hand, the Shamrock and the Harp.  Perceptions of many emblems have changed or evolved over time.
Click here
  My Treasure
PDF of panels with stories and images from the My Treasure project
Click here
  On the Brink 1912-1913
A package including a booklet and dvd containing a wide range of primary sources including newspaper articles and images.  The sources illustrate incidents occurring across North East Ulster featuring Ballymena, Larne, Carrickfergus, Coleraine, Limavady, Moyle and Ballymoney Council areas.
The package explores the themes of Ulster Day, Taking up Arms, Labour relations and Suffragettes.
To view the booklet click here
DVD coming soon....
  Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles
A catalogue featuring images and detailed stories of over forty textile art works from all around the world.  The textiles were featured in the Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles exhibition curated by Roberta Bacic.  They feature perceptions of issues of conflict as portrayed by women from three continents.
Click here

Stitching and Unstitching the Troubles II
A catalogue displaying new art works created by community groups and individuals across the North East Cluster area, exploring their responses to their own experiences of the Troubles.
Click here



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