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Cultural Fusions Film
Coming soon..........
As part of the Cultural Fusions programme, Causeway Museum Service
and Mid Antrim Museums Service wished to record the achievements and contributions of our target groups involved in developing resources, those who engaged with the Learning Resources and those who participated in our workshops. 

The film footage captured, will be used to highlight all the achievements reached by our target groups as they worked towards building a more peaceful and stable society.  It also highlights PEACE III work within the North East Partnership areas, raising awareness of the EU investment in this area.  The film also captures some of our cross border activity with footage taken in Monaghan County Museum.

The film footage covers all 6 of our projects - Walking the Colours, Images of Ireland phase II, On the Brink 1911-1913, Project of Plantation, My Treasures and Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles.




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